Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Now, process is complete.
I received my Scrum Master Certificate.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Health is important...

People from technology are not used to practice any kind of sports. There are too many diseases that will force you to retire and to do what you like to do if you just stay there sit in front of your computer 24 hours/day.

I can tell you that people that stay only its 8 hours of work in front of a computer develop many diseases that impact to their lives forever. There is a testimonial from a man that tried to commit suicide but he could not pull the trigger because he developed a disease that attacks his fingers. So, you can see that is very important for you to achieve a higher level of life quality.

I practice swimming three times a week and running four times a week. Also, play basketball when I can. Here you can see a picture of me running. I suggest you that invite your colleagues and try to do some sport. In the beginning, if you go alone, you will go back to what you are today, a sedentary person!