Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Which organization is yours?

I got this picture from a very good article written by Dermot McCauley - Director, Corporate Development, Singularity. You can read the role article here.

I do want my organisation to be Agile. So do you?

Scrum certified - New design

Look at the new design for the Scrum certifications produced by Scrum Alliance.

If you don't know, people who did not the test to get Scrum Master certified, had their certification expiration date postponed for one year and as soon as it expires, they will need to do the test in order to keep their certification.

Cool site with finance concepts..

There are a lot of sites and other articles that provide us with knowledge in the finance area, but there's one that I find fantastic - Investopdia.

If you access its dictionary youu will be able to find cool explanations about what you want.

Believe or not, I did not receive anything to talk about this site. I just want you to know where to find the best answers when talking about finance.