Sunday, September 12, 2010

Santiago(Chile) - Is an example

I really don't know other countries in the South America, but I need to say that Santiago has some characteristics that I would like to see on some cities in Brazil.
When I arrived here I could not understand why there are too many blind people in the streets. I start to think if it is a collateral effect, because people here smoke too much.
But, what I realized is that Santiago is an organized city and the blind people can get out to enjoy the city. They have access to the signs they need to be on Santiago streets. And when you start to see what they need, you see that are simple things, like sign on the buses, places on the metro that they can reach without any difficulty.
Now I am here with my colleagues, working and enjoying Santiago. Hope you have the opportunity to come here and enjoy too. This is a picture of me and my colleague David: