Friday, February 13, 2009

Now Scrum Master Certified

I learned to be happy with great things that happens to me, and try to learn even more with things that could let me down.

My last post tells you that I did a PMP test. All right!! I got the result, and I am not a PMP, yet! I am going to prepare myself again and try to get certified on April.

Last Thursday I went to Recife with 3 colleagues from Instituto Atlantico to have a Scrum Master Certification course. Even that Boris Gloger told us that a Scrum Master is just a role, not a title, our humanity let us believe that we achieved a good certification and get proud of ourselves. I think that's OK, isn't it?

I will try to create a new post talking about things that I learned in the course, and blog it here.

Here is a photo with my colleagues Scrum Masters!

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