Monday, April 28, 2008

Calypso.. not the Brazilian music band..

Now in Brazil is raining a lot, but the sun is beginning to shine again.
In my profession we have to think fast and always be prepared for changes.
We always have too much information to gather and learn, and if you are not prepared, then you can get lost if you try to study everything at the same time.
The enterprise that I work for is trying to make some business in the financial sector. Because of this, me and some other guys are studying a little bit about financial markets and trying to learn a huge and complete financial framework called Calypso.
Calypso was developed by an IT company also called Calypso( Here in Brazil we have a music band called Calypso, so some of the guys make some jokes, asking if we are learning to dance the music style of that band.
My brother is working with this framework in Utrecht. He was the first that we sent to Europe to work for one of our new customers. We expect to send more people, including me, so let's study!
Thank God Calypso was developed using Java so I don't need to be worried about the coding part. The good thing about Calypso is that you can extend its functionalities and implement others new.

Well, this post is only for you to know that Calypso exists. I don't pretend to write anything about Calypso here again, unless someone asked me.

Have a nice day, and study a lot, because the world needs intelligent people.

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