Monday, April 28, 2008

JME is now part of my professional life too..

Well, now I can say that I have a little experience using JME - Java Micro Edition platform.

I started to work in a project that develops some games for mobile/cell phones using Java.

It is interesting that I needed to learn a new way of programming, trying to forget many on how to program for JEE.

This happens because most of the time you have a size limit for the application, so you can't put the largest pictures and

a big amount of Java classes into you JAR file.(Java archive)

Of course that I am not the expert on JME, but my experience related to Development and Java helped me to learn fast about this

technology, and maybe I can get the JME certification from Sun Microsystems.

I started to develop using a framework from a very big company, but that has the same structure of the pure JME.

As I have too many things to learn about other IT subjects, I will try to sleep less and study more and try to post some real thing to improve our knowledge.

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