Sunday, October 10, 2010

Install Oracle XE 10g on Ubuntu 10.10

Today morning I upgraded my notebook's operational system from Ubuntu 10.4, to Ubuntu 10.10. I did this today because I realised it is a good date to do it. Today, 10/10/2010, I upgraded to version Ubuntu 10.10. And I could not give another grade to Ubuntu Maverick: 10!

You should try it too. You can read some reasons to do this: 12 reasons to try Ubuntu 10.10

But this post is to explain something about installing Oracle XE 10g on Ubuntu. I know that there are many links telling you about this, and I am going to share the link I used to install Oracle database, which is almost perfect:
How to install Oracle 10g XE in 64-bit Ubuntu

I say almost perfect because I am not used to Linux, and I am remembering things these days, because since a long time ago I've been using only Windows 7. In the tutorial, they do not explain that the Oracle installer is going to install a 'oracle' user and you must log in using this user to start the listener and create your database.

Now you know! Only the user 'oracle', for security reasons, which I totally agree, has the permissions to create data on the oracle structure

So, after doing all what the link above explains, get used to use the 'oracle' user on the terminal, using the following command to change the user:

sudo -i -u oracle

Than, if you realise that you are not able to connect to the database due to TNS problems. Try to start the listener using the 'lsnrctl' tool. You can use the following command:

lsnrctl start

That's it. Now I am going to configure the users and start my applications! Good luck!

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